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Bedlam Battle Omnibus Now in Hardcover!

I’ve had stories published in hardcover anthologies before, but this is the first of my own 28 books to appear in a hardcover edition. Looks good, feels good, and reads great! Bedlam Battle: An Omnibus of the One Thousand Series … Continue reading

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Books Make Great Gifts

For some traditional reason, after Thanksgiving has come and gone, people commence a search for holiday gifts for family members, relatives, friends, acquaintances, in-laws, outlaws, colleagues, and sometimes total strangers. If you’re looking for fun, sophisticated, lively, intense, flamboyant, and … Continue reading

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Book Review: Fault Line by Barry Eisler

Casting about for a good fiction book to take away the bad taste of the business self-help book I’d read that turned out to be like eating too much sour cotton candy at a fair, I perused my to-read stack … Continue reading

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Book Review: Inside Out by Barry Eisler

I don’t read many thrillers, at least not in recent years, and I wouldn’t have read this one except for a curious cluster of coincidences.  First of all, I am poor.  There’s no getting around it; I barely make enough … Continue reading

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