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Katabasis story cover big


After traveling to India to take advantage of cutting-edge psychiatric technology, a jaded ailing old man embarks on a guided journey through his memories to locate and correct errant decisions that shaped his life.

Maggie Goes to the Beach story cover big

Maggie Goes to the Beach

After a Scottish woman dies, she journeys halfway around the world as it subtly and then drastically mutates to keep a long-ago promise to a former friend and lover.

Survivor and Aurora Borealis Digital Cover Big

Survivor and Aurora Borealis: Two Fantasies

A young woman in the frozen northlands rescues a centuries-old creature from a hunter’s trap.  After she learns to communicate with him, he tells her his amazing tale of shipwreck and survival.

Rims End Cover Big








Rim’s End

After an accident on a spectacular stunt jump leaves him quadriplegic, a famous skier regains mobility by agreeing to an implant requiring him to time-share his body with an alien. The skier becomes enraged and confused when the alien uses its time in his human body to interfere with the skier’s personal life.










From a future bereft of emotion, a time traveler journeys to Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1917 to find a legendary matchmaker and learn the lost secret of true marriage. Although aware that the city is about to become decimated by fire, he becomes betrothed to a local woman and must choose between remaining in the past or returning to the future with the desperately needed knowledge he has acquired.









Shanti Times Seven; Sharon; Jennifer’s Escape: Three Fantasies

A woman’s clones merge minds and unite to rescue her.  A man dies and meets an enigmatic guide to the underworld.  A lost alien spirit inadvertently trapped in the body of a teen girl discovers other spirit inhabitants with malevolent intentions. Three fantasies of dark and hidden worlds.









Opting In

An old man, feeling useless, leaves his daughter’s home to go live in a homeless shelter. Following up on a tip from a fellow vagrant, he finds an alien being preparing to leave Earth who invites him on a journey from which he can never return.









Lady Linguist

After a near break-in at her apartment, a young Greek woman reassesses her life. Attempting to break out of the tradition within which she is bound, she starts a blog under the alter-ego of Lady Linguist. As she ventures forth into the new and strange cyber-world, she finds herself confronted with the real-life decision of either huddling within the safe strictures of her culture, or stepping out into the unknown.










With the wars over, the physical remnants of veterans who used to be cyborgs melded with weapons systems roam the streets in IAUs, or Individual Ambulatory Units, homeless and unwanted. Two veterans who used to be man and woman begin a relationship to assuage their loneliness, until one’s life is threatened and the other must make a most unusual sacrifice in order to save it.










A planet overrun by a single enormous connected plant is being evacuated, and refugee colonists must undergo purging to rid themselves of the plant’s procreative spores. But one group of colonists refuses to leave, and a negotiator is sent down to find out why.

Maze Etc 3 Fantasies CoverBig2








Maze; Revenants; Chiaroscuro in Chalk: Three Fantasies

Three dark fantasies. A traveler in the Himalayas trapped in a castle labyrinth must play a guessing game with death the penalty of failure. The undead arise from a surfing beach in California. A chalk drawing on a European sidewalk becomes a doorway into hell.









Portals: A Fantasy

Abruptly, without any warning, portals to another dimension opened up all over the world. Hundreds of thousands entered; none returned. Now, months later, one representative exits each portal with a message. The doorways lead to a better world, and whoever wishes to enter must do so quickly, as the portals will soon disappear forever.









Opting Out: A Story of the Road

It is the near future, and due to easier availability of alternative energy, fossil fuels are becoming outlawed.  Fleeing south along the coastal highway from state government threats to confiscate the gasoline-fueled camper-van he lives in, a homeless man comes across a seemingly-idyllic communal refuge for homeless people set up by a philanthropic dot-com billionaire.









Slug: A Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy

In a decimated post-apocalyptic suburb, a couple stumbles upon a deranged gamer who forces them into a virtual competition whose consequence is real physical death for the loser.

The Precedent CoverBig








The Precedent: A Near-Future Fantasy

When his mother sues him for his wasted life, a homeless man becomes a national phenomenon.








A Gathering of Shadows and Evermore: Two Fantasies

Two fantasies of strange and wondrous visions:  A man comes out of a coma to warn of an attack of shadow creatures that only the comatose can see.  And…  A woman travels back in time to offer Edgar Allen Poe a chance for a new start in the future.

DisofJuland InvPeoStoriesCover








The Disappearance of Juliana and Invisible People: Two Fantasies

In these two related tales, a young artist being pursued by her abusive stepfather and a middle-aged man fleeing a terrifying incident from his past are recruited to join a society of people linked together by telepathy which exists completely outside the awareness of the present world system.









The Lady of the Lost Valley: A Fantasy

During the British Raj an American reporter discovers a hidden valley in the foothills of the Himalaya ruled by a lovely but sinister woman who may not be human.








The Elephant’s Eyes: A Fantasy

In the midst of a savage riot a young Indian woman’s spirit merges with that of a temple elephant.  Realizing that she can control the beast, she guides it out into the midst of the chaos to rescue herself from those who are attacking her.









Clouds Without Rain: A Fantasy

Mexico has conquered much of the territory that once belonged to the United States.  Americans are confused and disoriented.  A lone, dying Native American searches for his people, a race of people that no one else believes ever existed.  If he doesn’t find them soon it will be too late.









Fear or Be Feared: A Story

A teenage Greek girl climbs Mount Olympus with some of her friends.  Lost in a lightning storm, she discovers the spirit of an ancient Greek god which possesses her and uses her against her will as an instrument of vengeance.









The Illuminations: A Fantasy

Members of a rock group hiking in the Himalaya discover an ancient manuscript which gives them clues on how to compose songs to unlock within themselves the spirits of certain beasts.  When they sing the songs they realize to their horror that they cannot control the spirits.










Paranoia overwhelms a young college student as reality and fantasy merge in the midst of a drug trip which he realizes a dark power may be controlling.









The Perspicacity of Soaring Eagle: A Story of the Future

After a devastating fireflood the Earth has been newly terraformed.  Soaring Eagle, searching for the spirits of his ancestors, finds a frigid island in the far north inhabited by huge bears which are supposed to be docile but have turned savage.  Then a woman arrives who is bent on avenging a past wrong.  A quest for fulfillment becomes a struggle for survival.








Life After Walden: A Story of the Future

In a future gone over to virtual simulations, a man escapes to Walden Pond, site of Henry David Thoreau’s classic “Walden”.  When a group of friends, thinking him unbalanced, come to bring him home, they are instead one by one pulled into the simple reality of the natural life.  Then a relative takes a more violent approach to make them all see reason.









Tasting the Forbidden Fruit, Or, If This is Hell Then Why Is Everyone Smiling?: A Story

Aliens finally arrive, landing at many locations, wandering about as if tourists, ignoring humans.  In the aftermath of their departure cults spring up of devotees awaiting their return.  Years later an apostate re-enters one such commune, to which his wife has returned, to persuade her to come away with him again.  What he encounters is a bizarre, deteriorating culture of unrequited longing.









Generation Gap: A Story

In the aftermath of a conflict in which all adults are killed or driven away by their progeny, children and teens roam the streets of the ruined city.  When they near the age of 21 they must play the ultimate game, snuff sport, to prevent themselves from becoming hated adults.  When a lone grown-up re-enters the city, he is captured and put on trial for his life.









Brown-Eyed Girl: A Romance of the Future

In the future all prisons have become redundant.  An old man who has spent most of his adult life behind bars, abruptly set free into a strange new world he does not comprehend, sets out to search for the girl he once loved.









The Earth-Born: A Novelette of the Future

A fireflood brought on by the wars of humanity has devastated Earth, and an island on the newly terraformed world is being used as a penal colony.  When a representative arrives to offer the prisoners’ children who have come of age a chance at relocation and education at an off-world facility, he and the children are hunted by some of the disgruntled prisoners.









Dark Mirrors: A Story of Alien Invasion

The people of Earth are losing a war with aliens that they themselves provoked.  Every able-bodied person is being called up to fight, even prisoners; those who refuse are threatened with dismemberment to provide spare parts for wounded soldiers.  A battle-hardened general enters a prison to recruit a woman who refuses to fight, but who may have a most unusual special ability that can turn the tide of the war.









Fearful Symmetry: A Story of the Future

Visitors from Earth sent to a far planet to re-establish contact with an isolated colony discover that a group of white tigers with enhanced intelligence are terrorizing the locals.  One of the visitors saves a young crippled girl from a tiger attack, and then while escorting her back to her distant village realizes that they are being hunted.









Beyond Purgatory: A Romance of the Future

On a far planet the ultimate civil punishment is to be genetically deformed into a monstrous beast and forced to live in the forbidden compound called Purgatory as slaves of the state.  When authorities arrest and condemn the woman he loves, Justus determines to find and save her, even if he must search Purgatory itself.









Noah and the Fireflood: A Story

After the Earth’s atmosphere ignites and burns and the surface of the Earth is destroyed, with the help of an enigmatic genius called the Time Tiger a young woman travels backward in time in a desperate attempt to save the Earth’s fauna from extinction.









Leilani: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale

After nuclear war, a survivor of the monster-populated ruins of Oakland, California, joins the crew of a clipper ship sailing the waters of the Pacific.  A typhoon shipwrecks him on a tropical island whose inhabitants share a bizarre secret.

The Customs Shed: A Story of Life After Death

Those who wish to cross the river of death must first be purged within the customs shed; but within await the mysterious customs agents.  What will they require as the price of passage?

Downloading Catherine: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale

A man journeys across the post-apocalyptic landscape of Asia and the Mid-East to Europe to attempt to construct a replicate of his lost loved one.

This Won’t Hurt A Bit: A Story of the Future

An accidental malfunction causes a teacher to discover that a microchip has been implanted within her forehead, causing her to lose her power of individual decision-making and become manipulated by the government.  She determines to rescue the orphaned children in her care from a similar fate.

Mendocino Mellow: A Fantasy

A government scientist develops a strain of marijuana that gives those who use it psychic sensitivity.  From all over the country people are drawn to him, and he is determined to use the drug’s special power to find a way for them all to time-travel back to the original Woodstock Music Festival.

War Horse and The Ghost of Halkidiki Past: Two Fantasies

Fleeing a war that has devastated her homeland, Lisa encounters an enigmatic white horse.  Where has it come from, and can it help her escape?  And…  In a remote village in post-apocalyptic Greece, a man is confronted by a mysterious stranger.

Wolf in a Cage and The Gift: Two Fantasies

In the wilderness of Alaska a man escapes the attack of a pack led by a savage black wolf.  Many years later, in the ruins of Jack London’s Wolf House a wanderer discovers the trapped spirit of a wolf pacing back and forth.  But who or what is it, and is it benign or malevolent?  And…  A musician busking in the Athens subway system encounters another musician who can play the souls of men.

The Left-Handed League: A Conspiracy Story

Long has the Left-Handed League been a shining light against majority right-handed prejudice and discrimination.  Now in the face of a new threat of government-enforced ambidexterity, the League must fight, or face extinction.

The New World: A Story

In post-apocalyptic Sicily a megalomaniac has taken over one of the last outposts of an interstellar colonization program, and organized crime has assumed political control of the island.  A man caught in the middle of these conflicts struggles to save his wife and with her join a team making one last effort to reach the stars.

The Orpheus Equation: An Adventure at the Solar System’s Edge

At the edge of the solar system an interstellar spacecraft is ordered by an unknown power to change course and fly to Pluto; when it refuses to comply the entire crew is mysteriously killed.  An unlikely team goes to investigate and discovers a life-or-death conundrum stranger than anything they could have imagined.


The Coma Killings

Detective Steven Stone has a secret:  he is an alien disguised as a human.  While searching for missing persons of his own kind, he stumbles onto a group of rogue aliens bent on taking over and using human bodies for their own pleasure, thus all but killing the humans in the process.  Somehow he must foil their plans without becoming one of their victims himself.

Painsharing CoverBig








Painsharing: A Fable of the End of Days

In the far future the Earth is about to be consumed by its bloated red sun.  What requiem should be offered for a dying world?









Ceasefire: A Story

Trapped in the mountains in southeast India as nuclear war erupts, separated from his family, deteriorating mentally and physically, David Holcroft must find his lost grandchildren, as an alien signal intended to suppress hostilities has unexpected side effects on both animals and humans.

Under Calcutta Story Cover








Under Calcutta: A Story

Calcutta has a problem with rats and bubonic plague and the authorities have called in the World’s foremost extermination expert to deal with it.  But he finds out that the rats are not just rats, and the problem is much worse than anyone imagined.









State of Grace: A Story

Sister Mary Grace is part of a group of nuns who have settled in isolation on a far planet to devote themselves to prayer for humankind.  When she is sent on an errand of mercy she realizes that evil has followed them even to this remote place, that it lusts after her and seeks to trap her in a horrifying prison.

Touchstone Cover








The Touchstone: A Story

A woman named Haroula, tormented by her past, journeys to a far planet to seek the Touchstone, who is rumored to be able to discern ultimate truth.  When she encounters the Touchstone and the strange creatures called glims that surround him, she is confronted with a far stranger truth than she had thought possible.

Star Over Babylon Cover








Star Over Babylon: A Tale of Time Travel

Spiros, a student of history, returns to the past to solve the mystery of exactly how Alexander the Great died.  He finds an old man who tells him the story of an alien encounter that changed the great Alexander’s life forever.

Golden Ones Cover Big








The Golden Ones Who Work Miracles: A Story

Rajiv, born without limbs, spends his days begging in the Bombay streets.  But when amazing golden beings alight from a spacecraft and grant him the gift of arms and legs, he finds that coping with his new mobility is not as easy as he always imagined it would be.

DragonTicketStory CoverBig








The Dragon Ticket: A Story

Presented with an extraordinary gift by an alien artifact high in the remote Himalayas, Michelle must learn how to use her new power, as nuclear war plunges the world into chaos.









Clear Shining After Rain: A Story

While trying to protect his family in Bangladesh in the aftermath of global war, Razak has a life-changing encounter with strange beings who mysteriously appear to help restore order out of chaos.









At The Edge: A Story

Jill and her companions have lived as long as she can remember in a luxurious palace with every need provided; but wandering farther afield than she has ever gone, she has a nightmarish vision of shattered cities and burned bodies, and she sets out to discover the source of the never-ending bounty.