The Relocation Blues

The Relocation Blues: An Inquiry into Transitions, my latest memoir and thirty-first book, is now available in digital and print form. Pick up a copy by clicking on one of the links below. Here’s what it is about:

Life is full of transitional experiences: relocations from one place to another and one job to another, setbacks due to accidents and injuries, the loss of family and friends, and the metamorphosis from youth to old age. This lively memoir takes you on a journey through transitions the author has experienced while traveling abroad for thirty-five years, seeking a place to call home in his native United States, raising five sons, and pursuing excellence in the art of writing. Besides telling his fascinating tales of multitudinous changes, the author shares tips on how to adopt a lifestyle that makes transitions more manageable. As uncertainty and confusion threaten to overwhelm us all, this memoir is not only entertaining and exciting, but also relevant, timely, comforting, and helpful.

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