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How to Find Books During a Pandemic

Who could have anticipated that things would escalate so quickly? Evidently there were a few strident voices, but none of them were given the platform they needed to shout the warning out loud and clear. Even if their voices had … Continue reading

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Books Make Great Gifts

For some traditional reason, after Thanksgiving has come and gone, people commence a search for holiday gifts for family members, relatives, friends, acquaintances, in-laws, outlaws, colleagues, and sometimes total strangers. If you’re looking for fun, sophisticated, lively, intense, flamboyant, and … Continue reading

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Getting Rid of Things

Yesterday I did two things I almost never do.  I stopped reading a book I had started, and I threw another book in the trash.  The book I stopped reading I had picked up at the library, so I could … Continue reading

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Why Reading Gets Me Off

My youngest son has recently caught on to the joy of reading.  It happened abruptly, and when it did it snowballed or avalanched into an all-consuming passion.  The catalyst was a book that sparked his interest – nothing more.  But … Continue reading

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