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Book Review: Grumbles From the Grave by Robert A. Heinlein, Edited by Virginia Heinlein

I had never heard about this book before I came across it while browsing at the Seattle Friends of the Library book sale, but I had certainly heard of the author.  Even before I took a science fiction literature class … Continue reading

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Book Review: Stranger in a Strange Land: The Original Uncut Version by Robert A. Heinlein

“Stranger in a Strange Land” is among those books that were life-changing and profound literary experiences when I was growing up.  It was a tremendously significant tradition-shattering revelation when I first read it, and coincided smoothly with the loose, iconoclastic … Continue reading

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On Rereading “Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice” by James Branch Cabell

It’s not my fault that I reread “Jurgen” at this time; it is the fault of one of my characters.  I was typing away on the new novel I am working on, and one of my characters made a reference … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Terminal Experiment by Robert J. Sawyer

When I first heard about the premise of this Nebula Award-winning novel, that a scientist had found proof of the existence of the human soul, I was immediately intrigued.  However, the book had gone out of print, and I could … Continue reading

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My Five Favorite Fiction Books

Lists of favorite books are fun, aren’t they?  Sometimes they give me ideas on what to read next, and I am always on the lookout for good books, as I am always reading something.  Usually I alternate between fiction and … Continue reading

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