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Book Review: The Books in my Life by Henry Miller

Henry Miller at his best is a virtuoso writer.  He can write about anything and it is entertaining.  He is with words like Jerry Garcia was with guitar:  you didn’t really give a damn whether he was actually playing a … Continue reading

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Treasure Hunt: Searching For Books in Thessaloniki

I’m a bookaholic.  I gotta have my books.  I can’t stand being without books.  And when I say books I mean the paper kind with binding and covers and so on.  I did, to be honest, at my wife’s prompting, … Continue reading

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Adventures in Wonderland: The Inestimable Value of Libraries

This post came about after reading a comment on another blog by a well-intentioned writer, who said that libraries sap income from a writer and are therefore counterproductive.  I disagree. What are libraries for anyway?  They serve many purposes; for … Continue reading

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