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Why Reading Gets Me Off

My youngest son has recently caught on to the joy of reading.  It happened abruptly, and when it did it snowballed or avalanched into an all-consuming passion.  The catalyst was a book that sparked his interest – nothing more.  But … Continue reading

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Getting Old: A Journal; Part Two: Good Stuff

I hadn’t intended to write more about getting old, at least not soon, after I had finished the first part of this journal.  Down the road a bit, yes, but not soon.  However, while contemplating it during a walk under … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Books in my Life by Henry Miller

Henry Miller at his best is a virtuoso writer.  He can write about anything and it is entertaining.  He is with words like Jerry Garcia was with guitar:  you didn’t really give a damn whether he was actually playing a … Continue reading

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Treasure Hunt: Searching For Books in Thessaloniki

I’m a bookaholic.  I gotta have my books.  I can’t stand being without books.  And when I say books I mean the paper kind with binding and covers and so on.  I did, to be honest, at my wife’s prompting, … Continue reading

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Adventures in Wonderland: The Inestimable Value of Libraries

This post came about after reading a comment on another blog by a well-intentioned writer, who said that libraries sap income from a writer and are therefore counterproductive.  I disagree. What are libraries for anyway?  They serve many purposes; for … Continue reading

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