My Story “Exorcism and Other Requests” Has Just Been Published in the Anthology Tales of Fear, Superstition, and Doom

The anthology Tales of Fear, Superstition, and Doom edited by Ann Wycoff has just been published by Redwood Press. It contains my story “Exorcism and Other Requests” and 26 others. Digital copies are available now on Amazon, and a print copy will be forthcoming. If you have a Prime subscription you can read it for free because it is enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program. I love the dark, sinister cover. Here is the publisher’s description:

Twenty-seven tales of horror and darkness by a diverse group of writers who conjure up demons, cults, denizens of the deep, sorcery and magic, insanity, lost technology, ghosts, ancient gods, monsters both supernatural and all too human as well as other terrors against which the only weapons are often poorly laid plans, vain hopes, and even the power of love or hate.

A river of superstition flows through this book. Many stories run deep through its waters while others only lightly skim the surface. If you like variety in your dark fiction then you’ll enjoy this book.

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