Look for Me on Pinterest

Recently I have been studying and experimenting with various forms of social media with a view to more effectively promoting my books. One of the platforms I found interesting, fun, and easy to use is Pinterest. Like Instagram, Pinterest focuses on images and videos, but unlike Instagram, which offers a more immediate but ephemeral experience, Pinterest allows you to create boards with image pins on permanent display.

The learning curve for picking up skills on Pinterest was short. I had to putter around a bit to figure out how to post images, descriptions, and accompanying links. (Clicking on my pins will take you either to my website or to book pages on Amazon.com.) Once I got the hang of it, though, it was absorbing and enjoyable.

I created boards on which I could highlight my book covers, of course, including “Novels,” “Short Story Collections,” “Memoirs,” “The One Thousand Series,” and “Writing and Reading.” I also created a board with photos of some of the far-flung places in the world I have visited and set stories in, and a board with photos of the Mercedes-Benz camper van that my wife, three young sons, and I lived in full time while traveling in Italy and Greece.

Come by and have a look! To reach my Pinterest page, simply click on the Pinterest icon (the white P in the red circle) near the top of the right column of my website’s home page, or click here.

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