A Second Look: Fear or Be Feared: Fantasies


A teenage girl climbing Mount Olympus with friends becomes possessed by an ancient Greek god who uses her as an instrument of vengeance.

 A young artist pursued by her abusive stepfather is recruited to join a society of people linked together by telepathy which exists completely outside the awareness of the present world system.

 Paranoia overwhelms a young college student as reality and fantasy merge in the midst of a drug trip that he realizes a dark power may be controlling.

 During the British Raj an American reporter discovers a hidden valley in the foothills of the Himalayas ruled by a lovely but sinister woman who may not be human.

 In these fourteen weird, surreal, frightening, and fantastic tales, unwary people discover that the world is very different from what they imagined.

Includes “Fear or Be Feared,” “The Disappearance of Juliana,” “Invisible People,” “The Elephant’s Eyes,” “War Horse,” “The Lady of the Lost Valley,” “The Ghost of Halkidiki Past,” “Wolf in a Cage,” “The Gift,” “Clouds Without Rain,” “Mendocino Mellow,” “Slice-of-Death,” “The Illuminations,” “The Customs Shed,” “Afterword: Deviations.”

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