“Dark Mirrors” in Alien Invasion: Short Stories

Alein Invasion cover

I’m pleased to announce that one of my personal favorites among my short stories, “Dark Mirrors,” has just been reprinted in a hardcover anthology with a beautiful embossed cover called Alien Invasion: Short Stories. It’s part of the impressive Gothic Fantasy series by Flametree Publishing, although this particular volume leans heavily towards science fiction rather than fantasy. The book features a mix of classic and contemporary writers. Once again, because the listing is alphabetical, I find myself sandwiched in between literary greats, in this case Voltaire and H.G. Wells.

Here’s the blurb for “Dark Mirrors”:

The people of Earth are losing a war with aliens that they themselves provoked.  Every able-bodied person is being called up to fight, even prisoners; those who refuse are threatened with dismemberment to provide spare parts for wounded soldiers.  A battle-hardened general enters a prison to recruit a woman who refuses to fight, but who may have a most unusual special ability that can turn the tide of the war.

You can also find “Dark Mirrors” as the title story in my collection Dark Mirrors: Dystopian Tales.

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