Introduction: Where I Blog and What I Blog For

What prompted this blog was my decision to take matters into my own hands.  For this I have to thank Dean Wesley Smith and his online book “Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing” and Kristine Kathryne Rusch and her online book “The Freelancer’s Survival Guide”, and other blogs on similar themes.  I have always, as long as I had any goal or vision in life at all, considered myself a writer.  I attended Clarion West science fiction writing workshop way back in 1973, and was submitting to the magazines back then too, though nothing came of it.  Then during and after my initial travels to Europe and India I submitted what I had written to many venues, again with no success.  Then life intervened and there was a huge gap in my output.  About fifteen years ago I started writing and submitting again, and have sold about a story a year average since then, though the amount varies from year to year.  Several years ago I was able to join Science Fiction Writers of America, which was always a dream of mine.

The problem is twofold:  the glacial pace of modern traditional publishing, and the fact that I am approaching sixty years old (though I don’t look it or feel it).  How long should I wait to get “discovered” by those that do the discovering?  At this rate I’ll be eighty before I am really “established” – whatever that means and if there really is such a thing.  If I were twenty I might be patient and bide my time.  But then again, I might not.

Why not?  Simply put, the face of publishing is changing.  The Internet has busted things wide open.  It’s exciting and I want to be a part of it.

This blog is a manifestation of my liberation.  I will share articles on writing, on my travels, on what it’s like to live in Greece, on books I’m reading, and on whatever else strikes my fancy.

As I explained above, time is short.

Hope you enjoy yourselves.

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