Visiting Hours and Other Stories

An estranged married couple remains in virtual worlds compiled from past memories while they await new younger bodies. Their adult children must cope with tense surrealistic visits with each of their parents as well as protestors that resent the resources spent on keeping older people alive.

An official investigating a gruesome suicide journeys to a castle in a remote valley on a far planet where a sexually profligate cult ritually imbibes a fungus with hallucinogenic properties.

On a primitive world, a widow and an orphan child unite to combat a monster terrorizing a local trade route.

In the aftermath of devastating warfare that has reduced human society to confusion and poverty, benevolent alien visitors arrive to help restore unity to a decimated Earth.

In these and other tales of science fiction and fantasy, you’ll find adventure, intrigue, pathos, humor, love, terror, virtual worlds, far planets, mysterious castles, alien entities, monsters, ghosts, chaos, captivity, quests, and redemption.

Includes: “Visiting Hours,” “Lady Spider and the Flies,” “A Day in the Mine,” “Touchable,” “Highwayman,” “Interlude with Unfamiliar Cuisine,” “Evidence of Things Not Seen,” “Gladiators,” “The Motel at the Foot of the Mountain,” “Hitchhikers in the Hidden Cove,” “The Blood Test,” “The Old Man Who Came Down from His Mountain,” “The Screech of the Bolt, the Click of the Lock,” “Sithonia,” “Afterword.”

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