Apocalypse Bluff

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As invading aliens unleash monsters resembling mutated carnivores to devour all of human life on Earth, an extended family gathers together in a mansion on an isolated bluff for a last stand. To survive, they must fight together against ravenous beasts attacking from land and sea.

A recently divorced woman joins a virtual community in search of social acceptance and companionship. After fashioning a new identity for herself, she sets off to explore the meticulously created landscapes of this new world, unaware that the beautiful environments are rife with human predators.

While searching for a lost love, an unemployed mercenary comes across a wealthy world in which there are no weapons, no poverty, no permanent social attachments, and everyone is free to pursue their own interests. There’s only one catch: these people have no means to defend themselves against a rapidly approaching alien army.

In these and other fascinating tales you’ll find apocalyptic landscapes, virtual worlds, far planets, alien invaders, monsters, heroes, villains, lovers, life, death, tragedy, and triumph.

Includes: “Connecting the Dots in Pointillist Paintings,” “The Library at the End of the World,” “Vulnerable,” “Lest I Remember Thee O Torment,” “Bracelet of Skulls,” “Layla Moon Shadow and Princess Light,” “Rainfall,” “Shanti,” “The Herald,” “Escape Strategies,” “Film Star,” “A Visit to the Dentist,” “Encounter on a Castle Wall,” “Apocalypse Bluff,” “Afterword.”

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