Invasive Procedures

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A dying detective’s final assignment, to solve the mystery of a series of kidnappings of infants from maternity wards of hospitals, becomes complicated when he discovers that aliens are abducting the babies to use as vehicles for their non-corporeal colonists.

An elderly warrior faces ignominious torture and death as a sacrificial scapegoat offering to prevent total warfare.

Invisible aliens infiltrate human society as innocuous researchers, students, and tourists, but when humans become aware of them and react violently, the aliens strike back.

While seeking solace among the station riffraff before a violent alien invasion, a lonely technician on a remote moon outpost learns of a wild plan to save the populace by driving them to the edge of sanity and beyond.

These and other exciting, surreal, enigmatic, gut-wrenching, breathtaking, uplifting, tear-inducing tales offer you strange journeys into mysterious and wondrous places that you’ve never before imagined.

Includes: “The Beatification of Lady Poverty,” “High Time in Low Town,” “Invasive Procedures,” “He/She/They,” “Manifest Destiny,” “The Siege of Bright Hope,” “A Voice in the Wilderness,” “The Rip Van Winkle Effect,” “The Scapegoat,” “What Really Happened to Martin Eden,” “Camp College,” “Afterword.”

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